Tips για να αυξήσετε τις πωλήσεις μέσω των social media |

Tips to increase sales through social media

Wondering how to convert your social media followers into customers? This goal is not easy and in no way will you achieve it by… praying!

Companies create social media pages for the sole purpose of increasing their customer base. It’s not enough to just have a presence on Facebook or Instagram. You need to use these platforms to increase your profits.

Fortunately, digital marketing has specific strategies to convert internet users who follow your pages into customers. And in this article, you will discover some of them.

Publish content useful to your audience

When your page takes its first steps on social media, it’s good to promote your products or services so that your audience knows what you have to offer. However, if you continue with the same strategy, then it is very likely that your followers will lose interest.

So a good idea is to start posting content that provides the user with useful information. This way, you build a trusting relationship that will help you convert your followers into customers.

Take advantage of the ads

It is not possible to use social media to increase your sales without running ads. This is one of the key weapons for businesses on social media.

At the same time, advertisements have some advantages that you cannot ignore under any circumstances. First, you can target the audience you want them to appear to. At the same time, you have the possibility to set the budget to run them yourself, while you can decide when the right time is to take this step.

Make the most of user content

User generated content is a very smart way to increase your sales through social media. It is user-generated content that is related to your products.

But why is generated content so important? It’s simple! If you saw other people using a product and they were happy with it, then you’re bound to think much more strongly about the possibility of using it yourself.

Use the power of influencers

A good way to increase your sales through social media is through influencers. The truth is that people trust the influencers they follow, and more than a few people feel like they are “their own people”.

Keep in mind that every influencer has his/her own specialization, and the important thing is that the person you choose “fits” with your product and service. It is therefore advisable to research who is the influencer that will help you achieve your goal.

* This article was written by Dimitris Kontarakis, Digital Strategist and owner of eSteps and was published in the online edition of the newspaper Eleutheros Typos on Tuesday 20/12/2022