Online Mentoring Session at the 16th High School of Thessaloniki

With great pleasure I participated in another live mentoring session with the students at the 16th High School of Thessaloniki on the topic “Careers in the business world”

Some of the questions that were answered were:

– What would you suggest to a young person who wants to get involved in finance at an e-business level rather than at an academic level? What studies do you think would be of practical use to him or her?

– How can we get in touch with successful, influential, and great entrepreneurs to learn from them ways of creating a profitable business?

– Which businesses and what kind of business are likely to be the most profitable in the next few years according to your own experience and which you would recommend a young person to get involved with in the future?

– Do you need specific studies to set up a successful business that will generate a lot of income? Can someone without studies succeed in business?

-What are the 5-10 first steps to create a successful business of our own?

The session took place through the international platform “100mentors”. Through this platform, schools, organizations, and anyone who has the will to learn can contact the mentor of their choice to share knowledge and inspiration!