How to use Instagram to increase your store’s sales.

This article was published on the site of Eleutheros Typos on Thursday 08/06/2023

How can you use Instagram to promote your business locally?

The key requirement for a successful promotion is a full Instagram profile. What does this mean? Let’s go over the right steps to turn your Instagram into a tool to increase your sales.

The key elements

The basic data consists of information about the location of your business, as well as the opening hours. All of this should be updated in your profile so that the consumer can easily find you.

Call to Action

Select and use one of the suggested Call to action to motivate users to take an action. If you have a restaurant, you can also connect an app for reservations. Or if you have a business that operates by appointment, you can mention this in the bio along with how to book appointments.

Content with a local focus

Tag the location

To attract customers from a particular region, you will need to develop a strategy to attract them. The content you post on your Instagram profile has the potential to appear in two different places: the main feed and stories. If you add region of interest tags to these posts, the content will also appear on that location’s page (in addition to the profile), which stands out in search and is an opportunity to attract customers.

Let’s clarify that there is a difference between your profile and your location page. You do not own your location page. It functions as a sort of hashtag, where anyone can post. And here a new opportunity presents itself: to collect content from users (that are relevant to you, of course). It’s easy to add tags of your location. Start by creating a post and click “Add location”.

Research and use local hashtags

You usually use hashtags with your brand name or category. However, you may want to attract new user-followers from a specific location (e.g. tourists – a chain store’s stores may not all be in tourist areas). In this case, you can use local hashtags related to the neighborhood, local activities, etc. Think like a tourist and create hashtags that tourists will use when they search for your area.

An alternative is to search for local influencers and analyses the hashtags they use in the content they post. This will help you understand which hashtags are popular and associated with the area where your store is located.

In addition, make sure the hashtags you use are not spam and are relevant to your business. This will make them useful to your potential customers and help you show up in the algorithm as a local business.

Another way to attract customers from your local market is to offer discounts and promotions in your store. This can include free products or discount coupons, depending on your type of business. Highlight these offers in the captions or creative you post and don’t forget to add relevant hashtags and location tag.

Events are another way to attract customers to your store. Create an event on Instagram and invite local customers who are interested to participate. If the event is for all stores in your chain, then participants will receive notifications and reminders that you create. You can create reminders via a post within the event, mentioning the title, details and schedule of the event. This way, stakeholders will have your event constantly in mind.

To connect with the local community, you can take advantage of “social proof”. This provides you with proof from users that your business is trustworthy and noticeable. You can use reviews and awards you’ve received, as well as media mentions, and showcase them on your profile in the form of pinned posts or highlighted stories.

In addition, you can leverage user-generated content. Look for content that mentions your business and highlights a positive user experience. This content is usually found in stories, and you can share it in your own story or post. This practice doesn’t require linking to a specific location but can promote your business throughout your chain stores.

Now, how can you track content from users? You can track if they have mentioned your business name or search for the relevant hashtag with your brand name. You can also search for other potential hashtags related to your business. When you spot this content, you can share it immediately or, even better and more politely, ask the user’s permission with a private message.

You can use advertising to reach your goals faster. You have two advertising options: the “boost post” and the campaigns. If one of your posts already has a good organic reach, then you can boost it with paid promotion to have an even bigger impact. The goal you can choose is to increase visits to the profile, as this is where the business information such as address and opening hours are displayed.

If you choose advertising as a promotional tool, you can also choose simultaneous promotion on Facebook to achieve the goal of “promoting your business locally”.

With these strategies, you have many tools at your disposal to promote your local business. Choose the ones that best fit your strategy and goals and good luck!