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LinkedIn for business: Tips for your corporate page

In 2023, LinkedIn will have completed 20 successful years in business, achieving significant successes. It is undoubtedly the leading B2B social network, recognized by its users as the most trusted and 65% of executives have a profile on the platform. In addition, it has become a source of innovative ideas for businesses, recording record revenues in the past few years and continuing to add features that enhance its content.

However, LinkedIn faces a problem: while user profiles are active and popular, the same is not true of company pages, which seem to be left to their own devices. Even you, who may be a small business owner, probably have a LinkedIn company page that you don’t particularly engage with, without frequently updating its content or seeing an increase in the number of followers.

However, this situation can change. Today, we’ll look at some tips and practices to help you stand out in your market, even if you haven’t set up your LinkedIn page yet.

Initial Steps

Here are some tips to help you show off your company page. First you will need to do a thorough examination of your page and search:

1.Empty fields. If there are any, fill in as many as necessary.

  1. Outdated information. If you discover such, you should update or remove it.

3.Contact information. How easy is it for someone to contact you? Can they easily find your business website? Company pages that have more than 30% of the fields filled in receive more views.

It doesn’t take much time to consider the above and make changes. If it’s been a while since you last logged in to the platform, you’ll be impressed by the new features you’ll discover. For example, the LIFE field shows users your company’s culture. Or the PRODUCTS field where you can showcase specific products to potential consumers.

However, if you don’t have the time, at least make sure that all the basic information is updated correctly.

Increase in followers

Usually, the followers are more than the followers of your company page. But this can change. Setting a goal of increasing followers to 1000. This number is achievable even for a small business. How will you achieve it? With the help of invitations, content, and events.

Each administrator is entitled to credits for 250 invitations, which makes invitations a powerful tool for increasing followers. But let’s see who you should invite.

Start with your ideal clients, which you can find through the search filters. Continue with potential customers, who may not be a perfect match for the ideal customer but can be valuable leads for your business. Finally, send invitations to people in the same industry as you. By following this process, the platform returns credits for further invitations.

Explore the New Platform Capabilities

LinkedIn, competing with other platforms and trying to be up to date, is constantly adding new features. If you visit it often, you will have noticed. For the latest updates and new information, you can visit LinkedIn’s official blog where all the new futures for 2023 are presented.

After mentioning the organic ways to increase the followers of a company page on LinkedIn, the traditional technique of advertising is worth mentioning. Like other platforms, LinkedIn allows you to run ads to increase followers.

Production of Attractive Content

It’s vital to differentiate the content you post on your personal profile from what you share on your business page – their functions are different. You will often notice that the content on your personal profile gets more response, mainly because company content may be outdated, anonymous, or make use of very professional and “wooden” language. Creating engaging content can highlight you as a source of quality information that users will seek out.

You can achieve this with the 3-2-1 rule, which means posting six times every two weeks (or less if your business is small). By applying this rule, you’ll be able to split your posts into three categories: “informational,” “emotional,” and “commercial.”

  • In the first, you will share industry updates, market trends and business news with your followers. This can even include reposts.
  • In the second, you’ll post content that helps your followers get to know you better and trust your business. This can be about your business values, goals, culture, employee stories and company activities.
  • The last category includes information about the products or services you offer. Switch between photos, text, videos, newsletters, and live events to offer diversity in the content you upload. Live events include online events such as webinars, panels, masterclasses, etc. that take place through your page, while being saved and available to users after your live event. Live events are an ideal opportunity to hear what your audience thinks about a topic, as well as create a sense of community.

In summary, the secret to increasing your follower base is an up-to-date page where you share useful content while using all the tools and features provided by the platform. The results will come, not immediately, but gradually, and then you will see all the benefits for your business.

*This article was written by Dimitris Kontarakis, Digital Strategist and owner of eSteps and was published in the online edition of the newspaper Eleutheros Typos on Friday 30/06/2023