Interview of Dimitris Kontarakis on “Entrepreneurship on FM” on Wednesday 05/07/2023 on Generation Z & Promotion

In the broadcast “Entrepreneurship on FM” on Channel 1 – 90,4 FM on Wednesday 5/7/2023, Generation Z and the ways to better approach them were presented.

During the discussion with Digital Strategist Dimitris Kontarakis, a fascinating analysis of Generation Z took place. The specific characteristics of this generation and how it differs from previous generations were analyzed. Their technological familiarity, their frequent use of social networks and online communication, their multiculturalism, their sensitivity to social justice and tolerance issues, as well as their flexibility and adaptability were examined.

Examples of right and wrong approaches to the development of this generation in cyberspace and social networks were then presented. Appropriate social networks and the structure of websites that can most effectively communicate messages with Generation Z were also discussed, based on analyses of various research studies.

This meeting provided valuable insights into Generation Z and how businesses and organizations can respond to their needs and preferences in the digital and social media space.

It is curated and presented by marketing consultant Themis Sarantaenas.

The show is broadcast live every Wednesday from 19.00-20.00 on Channel 1 – 90.4 FM.

You can listen to this show “Generation Z & Promotion” here: