Email Marketing & Abandoned Shopping Baskets to increase sales

This article was published on the Eleutheros Typos website on Monday 18/09/2023

If you run an online store, you’ve probably noticed that many customers don’t make it to the final stage of the purchase. There are several reasons for cart abandonment, and the secret to addressing this is to improve the checkout process.

To bring back these reluctant customers, email marketing is a valuable tool. To do this, first make sure you collect visitors’ email addresses by subscribing to the mailing list or creating an account, so you’re ready to design a tailored campaign.

Let’s look at some strategies to take advantage of email marketing to reduce cart abandonment:

Creating an Attractive Theme

The first step to a successful email marketing campaign is a high open rate. The most effective tactic to achieve this is by creating an interesting subject line. It is proven that personalizing the subject line, such as using the customer’s name or the product they have left in their cart, increases the chances of opening. For example: “Good Morning [Customer Name], Special Offer for You: Save 20% on All Your Favorite Products!”.


Give him an extra motivation

Many customers abandon the purchase process due to financial constraints. Perhaps the shipping charges seem high, or they are just waiting for an offer. With email marketing, you could provide them with an extra incentive that will make them unable to resist and proceed with the purchase. For example, you can provide a discount code to use during checkout to complete their purchase.


Remind the consumer what’s in the basket

Think of the items the customer has chosen for their cart as their favorite hits. If you want to get him to hit the “Buy” button, give him a little reminder of how great these items are. Include photos and short descriptions of the items in your email, as well as the best reviews from other shoppers.


Present Alternative Options

If a customer abandons the buying process, don’t limit your communication to just the products they left behind. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase additional, relevant options that could fit his or her needs and interests. That way, the customer can find something they’re really interested in and move on to a full purchase. In this way, you also expand the chances for further sales.


Use Discreet CTAs

To restart “forgotten” purchases through email marketing, it is crucial to use a discreet approach. It’s easy to fall into the trap of aggressive promotion, using call to action buttons (CTAs) that say, “Buy Now”, but this can discourage the customer even further. Instead, it’s better to incorporate phrases that are less imposing and more encouraging, such as “Return to Cart” or “Continue Shopping”. This way, you give the customer the freedom to decide without pressure, thus increasing the chances of completing the purchase.

Build a Drip Marketing Strategy

Instead of focusing on getting the customer back in the cart immediately, create a series of emails that will refresh their interest step-by-step. Each email can highlight the benefits and elements that make the products appealing, as well as positive experiences of other customers.

Customers often avoid completing the purchase due to difficulties, unnecessary steps or waiting. Email marketing is the medium that allows constant communication with the customer, offering them the opportunity to come back to your store, complete the purchase and enjoy the products they have chosen. For this reason, the effective use of email marketing is a vital element in increasing sales and improving your customers’ experience.