How the August Advertising Freeze Affects Your Business

This article was published in the website of Eleutheros Typos in Friday 13/10/2023

Did you ever think that suspending your ads in August might be a strategic mistake that will result in lost revenue?

For many, August presents a dilemma: Should I go ahead with advertising during the month or stop advertising due to the supposed decline in buying habits?

But are you sure that consumers are less active during the summer months?

Practically speaking, not advertising via Google or through social media during the summer could deprive your business of valuable opportunities for growth.

In this document we list six reasons that might make you rethink and keep your ads active, even if you are on holiday.

1.While you pause, what about the others?

First, consider this:

If we consider that there are 10 competitors in your sector, it is very likely that at least 9 of them – including yourself – will suspend their ads.

But there’s always one who doesn’t. The one who continues to advertise their products or services because they have a solid marketing plan that is proving more and more effective.

When a customer is looking for what you offer, your advertised competitor may attract them.

So, keep in mind that every time you leave a gap in the market, someone else is ready to fill it. By stopping the ads, you give more space to those who decide to invest.

2.Stand out from the crowd

As summer approaches, you often think about reducing or stopping your ads, mainly because of finances. You realize that August revenue is less, and you think this is a way to save money. But is this strategy truly effective?

Think about it: skipping ads not only doesn’t win you not only don’t win but you’re probably losing customers and profits. What’s missing is a more comprehensive thought process: The reason revenues are lower in August may be due to a slack market because of the holidays. If you want to see changes in results, you need to change your approach.

Next August, don’t skip the commercials. You may be surprised by the results.

3.Attract consumers

While many people think that consumer spending declines in the summer, the truth is that many industries see an increase. Families are planning vacations, looking for activities and supplies. With the right advertising campaign, your company can be their first choice. Regardless of the type of product or service, summer is a time when consumer sentiment is high.

4.Keep Your Customers Interest Alive

Many companies tend to limit their advertising in the summer. However, this is a golden opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Even if you’re on vacation, your business doesn’t stop running, and by being visible, you remain in the minds of your customers. When there is less “noisy” advertising, your messages stand out more, attracting the interest of the audience.

Remember, consumers often choose the first thing that comes to mind when faced with a need. Therefore, it is important to maintain a constant presence in their minds.

5.Advertising: it’s not just for new customers

In the summer you should not only focus on acquiring new clients but also on strengthening relationships with existing ones. Summer offers and reward programs can forge even deeper bonds with your customers. An ongoing advertising presence reaffirms your commitment to meeting their needs, regardless of the season.

6.Summer Brings Sales Opportunities

Summer is often associated with relaxation and discovery. People are open to new experiences, making this period ideal for promoting new products or services. With the right approach, you can win the hearts of consumers, both new and existing, with what you offer.


Summer, a time when many competitors choose to tone down their advertising efforts, can prove to be a goldmine for strategically minded entrepreneurs. By maintaining a consistent and active advertising presence, you not only increase your brand visibility but also strengthen the relationship with existing customers, attracting new ones. As consumers become more receptive to trying new products and experiences during the summer season, you could reach them with innovative offerings. Ultimately, continued effort and investment in advertising, even in the “slacker” months, can make a business a leader in the competitive marketplace.