TikTok and Digital Marketing: How It Changes the Strategies of Businesses


This article was published on the Eleftheros Typos website on Monday 23/10/2023

If social media marketing is at the heart of your business interests, then you should give TikTok weight. This relatively recent social network has made an impressive rise, with millions of active users. But the importance of TikTok lies not only in the numbers, but also in its revolutionary approach to social media marketing.

Below, we outline the ways in which TikTok has disrupted the digital marketing space:

 #1 Offers Active User Engagement

One of TikTok’s biggest innovations is its algorithm. No one can predict which video will become the next viral hit. TikTok has created an environment where users are not just observers, but creators. The platform’s algorithm enables many users to be featured on the “For You” page, even if they don’t have many followers.

#2 Promotes Content with Short Videos

It is a fact that the majority of users prefer short videos. Although this trend started before the TikTok era, this platform has boosted it significantly. TikTok encourages videos that are 15 to 60 seconds long, forcing creators to tailor their videos to this short time frame. This creates a velocity to the content that grabs the user’s attention. Short videos dominate both feeds and stories, forcing businesses to adapt.

#3 Increases Dwell Time on Social Media

TikTok encourages constant browsing. The scrolling process on TikTok, coupled with the personalized series of videos on the “For You” page makes sure to provide constantly interesting content ensuring that users stay engaged . This results in users spending an average of 52 minutes a day on the app, compared to 35 minutes in other apps.

#4 Focus on Authenticity

TikTok encourages authenticity. The most successful videos are the ones that stand out for their spontaneity. At TikTok, videos that appear to be produced by “real people” rather than professionals create stronger connections with audiences. This is because users can identify more with the content. For businesses, this means producing content that reflects reality without excessive editing and processing.

#5 Enhance Energy and Creativity

Whether it’s the hundreds of effects and filters it offers, or the different types of challenges, TikTok encourages users to be creative. For businesses, this means new opportunities to engage with their audience in original and fun ways.

The fast-paced changes in digital technology and the constant evolution in social media platforms require businesses to constantly adapt to stay current and competitive. TikTok is not just another social media platform; it is a tool that businesses can use to reach their audience in new, innovative ways, this requires an understanding of trends, popular challenges and the overall culture of TikTok.