New Trends in Marketing: Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Revolutionary Content Creation

This article was published on the Eleftheros Typos site on Tuesday 21/11/2023

One of the key tasks of every marketer is the efficient management of resources, whether human or financial. In this context, marketers are constantly looking to the future, keeping an eye on developments that can offer significant savings in resources.

One such development is the introduction and use of artificial intelligence (A.I) tools such as ChatGPT. AI can infiltrate many aspects of a marketer’s daily life, including content creation.

According to Forbes, 42% of businesses are already using AI to create written content and 70% believe ChatGPT will help with fast content creation. Integrating AI into the content generation process can provide a significant advantage in SEO.

In the rest of the article, we look at some suggestions for leveraging AI in content creation. First, it is important to recognize that existing AI models can produce syntactically correct and seemingly human results, but sometimes lack deeper meaning, which requires caution and review before publishing.

Even the most advanced version of ChatGPT-4 is not powerful, but it brings significant improvements and new features that extend the previous versions. The latest version includes advanced features such as image creation via DALL-E technology, which allows for the generation of relevant graphics tailored to the content. This opens up new ways of incorporating visual elements into texts, increasing their communicative and aesthetic value. The new version also offers the ability to post files, allowing users to work efficiently on different types of files. This makes ChatGPT-4 more flexible and practical in applications that require a combination of written and visual content. Finally, the integration of tools such as the browser allows information from the web to be searched directly within the platform. This allows ChatGPT-4 to obtain more up-to-date and timely information, which greatly increases its usefulness in content production applications.

Google, which has set strict rules on the acceptance of content, does not seem to be opposed to AI-generated content, as long as it is of high quality and meets the user’s needs, following the E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authenticity and trustworthiness) rule.

Continuing, specific techniques for creating content with the help of AI are proposed, such as generating new ideas, creating drafts and revising existing content.It is stressed that AI is a tool and not a solution for everything, and that collaboration and feedback are crucial for its effective use.

Practical Tips for Using AI in Content Creation:

  1. Create Drafts: use A.I. to create initial drafts or summaries for your articles. This can be particularly useful for creating structured text.
  2. Idea Enrichment: Ask A.I to suggest new ideas or angles of approach for the topics you are working on. This will help you broaden your thinking horizon and gain new perspectives.
  3. Enhance SEO: Use A.I to search for and incorporate appropriate keywords to improve your content’s search engine searches.
  4. Review and Edit Existing Texts: use A.I to review and edit existing texts, improving their structure, style and clarity.
  5. Feedback. This will help the system to better understand your needs and improve its results.
  6. Continuous Learning and Evolution: Remember that AI is a dynamic tool that is constantly learning and improving. Its continuous interaction and use will lead to better and more effective results in the future.

In conclusion, it is important to recognize that AI is not a panacea, but a powerful tool in the hands of marketers. Proper use and continuous feedback are keys to its effective exploitation.