Black Friday

Article by Digital Strategist Dimitris Kontarakis on the site of the Economikos Tachidromos with the topic “How to make your business stand out on Black Friday”

This article was published on the Economikos Tachdromos website on Thursday 23/11/2023

With Black Friday fast approaching, the marketing world is in a fever pitch, preparing impressive campaigns that will take the market by storm. This day is not only an opportunity for amazing deals but also an important test for Digital Marketing strategies. Companies are investing in creative tactics and innovative approaches, seeking to get the attention and loyalty of consumers, while simultaneously seeking to increase their sales.
Digital Marketing experts are carefully analyzing the market and trends, realizing the importance of Black Friday as an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of their strategies. Choosing the right target group and creating offers that are both enticing and meaningful are the keys to success during this highly competitive period.
Despite the opportunities, Black Friday also presents certain risks. An over-emphasis on big discounts, such as -80% off, can have a negative impact and cause a disincentive to consumers. Alternative offers, such as product bundles or 1+1 offers, provide additional value and enhance the sense of opportunity for consumers.
Excessive and untargeted promotion through newsletters and social media ads can be detrimental, causing fatigue and reaction from the audience. Targeted communication and generating interest through original content are more effective practices, as they focus on quality rather than just quantity of campaigns.
Companies should also focus on leveraging the data collected during Black Friday, using it to improve future campaigns and boost sales. Analyzing buying behaviors and adjusting next actions is essential for a dynamic market presence.
The work, however, does not end with Black Friday. Upcoming events such as Cyber Monday and Christmas promotions open up new avenues for promotions and sales. An annual strategy plan and continuous evaluation and adjustment of digital marketing strategies are essential to maintain momentum and achieve sustainable growth.
In summary, Black Friday is a critical period for the marketing world, not only as an opportunity for immediate sales growth, but also as an important time to cultivate long-term relationships with customers. Proper use of digital marketing strategies, focusing on offers that offer real value, and creating targeted and creative campaigns are key to success.